Chilkat Indian Village: Citizenship Excerpt

chillkat indian village



Section 1.

The membership of the Chilkat Indian Village shall consist of the following:
(a) Original members.All persons whose names appear on the 1940 census roll, prepared in accordance with the Instructions of the Secretary of the Interior for Organization in Alaska, being all the Indians residing in the Village of Klukwan, shall be members of the Village.

(b) Resident Members. All lineal descendents of persons who were members under section (a), and who are residents of the Village.

(c) At-Large Members. Any lineal descendent of a living, or deceased Member, of the Village who is not a resident of the Village may become an At-Large Member. At-Large Members will be eligible for Tribal Services and other Tribal benefits but will not be allowed to nominate candidates for Village Council, vote in Village elections, or run for elected office in the Village. 

Section 2. New Members

(a) Children of any member, if such children are residents of the Village of Klukwan, shall be members of the Village.

(b) Any American Indian or Alaskan Native who marries, or who is adopted by a Village member through judicial process and becomes a resident of the Village of Klukwan may, upon Council approval, become a member of the Village, provided that person: has been a Village resident for at least one year prior to application for membership, and has applied for Village membership in accordance with the enrollment ordinance.

(c) It shall be the duty of the Council, or their designee to maintain and post an annually updated census roll of the membership of the Chilkat Indian Village. The Council shall provide an opportunity for hearing to any person who objects to his or her inclusion in, or exclusion from the census roll.

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Year: 2006

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