Coquille Indian Tribe: Preamble Excerpt

Coquille Indian Tribe




Our ancestors since the beginning of time have lived and died on the Coquille aboriginal lands and waters.

The Coquille Indian Tribe is and has always been a sovereign self-governing power dedicated to:

  1.  Preservation of Coquille Indian Culture and Tribal Identity.
  2.  Promotion of social and economic welfare of Coquille Indians.
  3.  Enhancement of our common resources.
  4.  Maintenance of peace and order.
  5.  Safeguard individual rights of tribal members.

Our ancestors have passed on to us a sacred trust and obligation to maintain and safeguard these goals.
In recognition of this sacred responsibility, we, the members of the Coquille Indian Tribe, being a federally recognized Indian tribe pursuant to the Coquille Indian Restoration Act of June 28, 1989, 103 Stat. 91, hereby adopt this constitution in order to re-affirm our tribal government and to secure the rights and powers inherent in our sovereign status as guaranteed to us by federal and tribal laws. 

Full Constitution

Year: 1999

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