Nisga’a Nation: Judiciary Functions/Dispute Resolution Excerpt

Nisga'a Nation



48. Principles of dispute resolution

Nisga’a seek to resolve disputes based on values expressed in the Ayuuk, including:
(a) preserving the unity of the Nisga’a Nation;
(b) maintaining the dignity of and respect for each individual;
(c) acknowledging wrongdoing, and providing restitution for harm suffered;
(d) achieving healing and reconciliation;
(e) restoring harmony; and
(f) developing collective understanding of the Ayuuk.

49. Disputes between or among Nisga’a governments

(1) The Nisga’a Nation expects Nisga’a Lisims Government and the Nisga’a Village Governments to endeavour to resolve disputes between or among them by informal discussion and without the necessity of invoking formal means of dispute resolution.

(2) Wilp Si’ayuukhl Nisga’a must make laws to provide for the consideration of disputes between or among Nisga’a Lisims Government and the Nisga’a Village Governments, which may include:
(a) the establishment of another dispute resolution body;
(b) referral to the Council of Elders;
(c) the establishment of a Nisga’a Court in accordance with the Nisga’a Treaty; or
(d) other appropriate means of dispute resolution.

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