Skokomish Indian Tribe: Initiative & Referendum Excerpt

Skokomish Indian Tribe



Section 1.  Right of Initiative.

Voters of the Skokomish tribe shall have the right to cause a vote of the General Council on any legislation proposed by the voters and on any proposed or enacted ordinance or resolution of the Tribal Council. No later than thirty (30) days after he or she receives a petition signed by at least one-third (1/3) of the eligible voters, the President of the General Council shall call an election according to the procedures for calling special General Council meetings.

Sec. 2.  Initiative Procedure.

Voting on all initiatives shall be by secret, written ballot. No initiative vote shall be valid unless the number of persons casting ballots is equal at least to sixty percent (60%) of the number of persons who cast ballots in the most recent annual tribal election. Unless at least two-thirds (2/3) of all persons who cast ballots vote in favor of the proposed measure or action, the initiative proposal shall be deemed to have failed.

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Year: 1980

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